Workforce Management

Staffing your contact center to deliver the right service levels while keeping costs in line is critical. Workforce management allows you to forecast the resources needed taking into account appropriate skills, create a staffing schedule that is cost efficient and then monitor adherence and make intraday changes to the schedule. That's where most stop, but ours has more to it around agent coaching, motivation and engagement.

Advanced Forecasting

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Accurately forecast to your call center's demand

Create efficiencies through multi-skilled forecasting and schedule optimization. Your customers call for different reasons, having the right agent with the skills required to solve a customer's problem is crucial to a great customer experience. Ensure the right number of agents with the right skills are staffed to handle volumes.


Minimize costs with the right schedule

Using the forecast you've built with the right number of agents and skills combination, generate a schedule that will ensure you can meet those volumes while also not breaking the bank. Staffing costs contribute more than 70% of a typical contact center budget and scheduling based on your forecast minimizes excess staffing costs.

Agent Improvement

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Make time for coaching

Increasing agent effectiveness does not happen automatically, a commitment to making the time and tools available to agents so they can improve needs to be a priority. A weekly 30 minute session put into the agent's schedule so it doesn't impact service levels will allow agents to login to their Click2Coach Agent portal and review coaching packages and eLearning clips sent from their supervisor or trainer. Our customers have proven this yields dramatic improvements in agent effectiveness, engagement and reduced turnover.


Keeping agents engaged and motivated

Monitoring and getting real-time alerts about agent adherence to schedules will give you the information needed to ensure you can meet your service levels. Agents can also be informed when they are not adhering to their schedule so they have a gentle reminder of where they're supposed to be. Raising the agent's productivity while reducing shrinkage in your contact center will reduce your costs and increase profitability.

Intraday Management

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Fine tune your schedule

Your forecast and resulting schedule will certainly not always be 100% accurate based on your actual volumes. By managing intraday, you can give agents the ability to leave work early when volumes are lower than forecast, saving you hourly costs and giving them early time off. Likewise, you can automatically notify agents on the call center floor, or at home, when additional agents are needed to handle volume and adjust your staffing.

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