Speech & Desktop Analytics

Gaining insightful impact from your recorded customer interactions is crucial to improving customer experience. Envision speech and desktop analytics give you the capabilities to make data-driven decisions that can impact process, redirect agent behavior, improve products and services and transform your customer experience.


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Bring the important interactions to the surface

By analyzing your customer interactions, you're able to identify the interactions from a data driven perspective that could have the most impact on your organization and customer experience. Search across omnichannel interactions to identify the different methods customers are contacting you and ensure you're providing a consistent answer and experience. 


Ease of Use

No special department or PhD needed for our speech analytics

We have always built our solutions with ease of use in mind to ensure they not only get deployed successfully, but they don't become shelf ware. This goes for speech analytics also, where we allow everyone from the speech analyst who is looking for process, product and service improvement access to the supervisor on the contact center floor who wants to evaluate particular interactions. 

Speech Enabled Quality

Supervisors have access to speech

Using Envision's speech analytics solution, supervisors can quickly identify interactions that may need evaluation. For example, find calls that have excessive silence, high emotion, or talk over and you will likely find coachable moments related to application workflow and soft skills. Our speech analytics solution is built right in the same user interface as our other quality monitoring and coaching products, so there is no separate or new application for supervisors to learn.

Desktop Analytics

Associate desktop data and gain visibility

Desktop analytics can help identify trends within your contact center by associating desktop data with interactions. For example, by associating call disposition codes with a recorded call, supervisors can drill down on particular calls for evaluation. Furthermore, desktop analytics allows you to track agent workflow during and after an interaction, as well as, gain visibility into what applications and URLs your agents are using. Better supervisor productivity and insight result in identifying coachable moments that increase productivity.

Back Office Analytics

Quality control in process and accuracy

Using desktop analytics and screen recording, you're able to record back office activities for employees that may not necessarily be taking calls or interacting directly with customers. Claims processors, fulfillment operators, accounting, etc. all have important roles in delivering on your customer experience. By monitoring, evaluating and coaching back office employees on their work just as you do the front line agents will deliver a higher level of customer service.

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