Quality Monitoring

You are now recording interactions within your contact center and the next step in creating an exceptional customer experience is determining the KPIs that map to your ideal customer journey. Evaluating interactions against those KPIs in an objective manner and taking action to transform agent and operational performance will improve your customer experience, as well as, motivate and allow you to retain your employees.


You have the complete picture

Your recorded interactions now give you insight into the agent's conversation tone, ability to effectively help the customer, application workflow, and their ability to accurately enter data in an efficient manner. This complete picture of the interaction, and even multiple interactions with the same customer, give you the insight to score and evaluate interactions. From this, you can identify where the agent may need further coaching and training to meet your KPIs. 

Automatic Scorecards

Identify where coaching is needed

By establishing KPIs within our solution, you're able to automatically score calls to identify which of those have a high likelihood of either being out of compliance or not meeting your KPIs. Calls that are placed on hold, calls that are above the average handle time KPI, calls that have competitor's names spoken, etc. can all be used to automatically score calls for quality review purposes and action.

Custom Evaluations

Objectivity and calibration

Designing custom evaluations within our solution is a breeze and allows you to measure calls against your KPIs and goals with our evaluation templates. This allows you to not only to maintain the supervisor to agent relationship so critical for agent retention, but also run reports that calibrate supervisor scoring on the same types of calls with the same evaluation template. You will have objective feedback to provide to the agent in your next one-on-one or, using our coaching and training module, you can send coaching right down to the agent in a coaching package for their review.

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