Omnichannel Recording

In today's contact center, the ability to capture, analyze and take action on communication other than phone calls is just as important. Omnichannel communication extends to email, web chat and social media which is driving a new level of customer interaction, perhaps even more demanding in terms of service level expectations than phone calls.


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Flexibility to capture what you need

Just as with call and screen recording, you have flexibility to record the omnichannel interactions you desire whether you are looking for 100% complete recording for compliance, selective recording only for quality monitoring purposes, or you have an on-demand requirement for your application. Using Envision solutions, you can use omnichannel recording to perform quality monitoring, coaching and training, and even create agent skills and queues to forecast and schedule agents in anticipation of these interactions.

Integration, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM

Our solutions have the capabilities to integrate with your agent applications to capture data whether they're developed internally or are off the shelf, such as, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM.

Agent Workflow

Viewing the agent desktop

Omnichannel recording records the agent screen based on discreet start and stop points, or over a period of time you chose. Recording these interactions provides you insight into how agents are processing responses to these interactions, much like you would with telephone calls. Just as important, you're able to analyze which applications agents are spending time in and compare those to your desired KPIs, giving you insight into agent workflow and efficiency you didn't have before.

Desktop Data Tagging

Associate desktop data for easy searching and access

Associating data with omnichannel interactions gives you the ability to easily find and review those interactions by customer, type or grouping. Take data from your CRM application, Office 365, Outlook or other chat or email applications and associate unique customer identifiers to your omnichannel recordings to be able to find and associate multiple interactions with the same customer. 

Socially Acceptable

Support social as a omnichannel communication channel

If you have agents responding to interactions on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you have to realize those responses can go viral very quickly. Having well trained agents prepared to handle social interactions requires recording, evaluating and coaching on those omnichannel interaction types. Do not risk your brand on a ill advised agent responses.


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Your recordings are secure

Just as with our call recording solution, whether you're using Envision's on-premise omnichannel solution or our secure cloud solution hosted on Microsoft Azure, you can rest assured that not only is authentication required to gain access, but data is encrypted during transit and at rest using 256-bit encryption.

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