Live View

With our Live View product, you're able to monitor agent or back office personnel desktops live. Get the transparency needed to uncover opportunities for coaching, process improvement and employee productivity with front line agents, as well as, back office personnel.


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Monitor desktop activity

Login to view real-time screen activity on your agent desktops whether they're front line or working on back office activities. Getting a transparent view of how agents use desktop applications will give you the insight needed to make productivity improvements. 


Keep agents engaged and motivated

Using Live View and monitoring desktop activity agents are motivated to spend their work time focused the right activities that drive customer experience. Reducing average handle time, increasing first call resolution, staying engaged with the customer are areas of agent accountability that are improved with Live View.

Agent Improvement

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Make time for coaching

Increasing agent effectiveness does not happen automatically, a commitment to making the time and tools available to agents so they can improve needs to be a priority. A weekly 30 minute session put into the agent's schedule so it doesn't impact service levels will allow agents to login to their Click2Coach Agent portal and review coaching packages and eLearning clips sent from their supervisor or trainer. Our customers have proven this yields dramatic improvements in agent effectiveness, engagement and reduced turnover.

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