Call & Screen Recording

Reliably record your calls and agent screens, store them for as long as you want either on-premise or in the secure cloud. Once you have your calls recorded, you can easily access and find the relevant calls important to you. Use Envision Analytics to find areas to transform your customer experience whether that be related to coachable moments, product and service updates or even employee motivation. 


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100% Fulltime, Selective or Record On-Demand

You have flexibility with call recording, whether you are looking for 100% complete recording for compliance, selective recording only for quality monitoring purposes, or you have an on-demand requirement for applications, such as, customer confirmation or bomb threats. Envision call recording has you covered for any of these applications whether at a single site, multiple sites geographically distributed and with your work at home agents.


You run your business, we handle the integrations with your platform.

Envision integrates with industry leading ACD platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Interactive Intelligence, Aspect, Five9, 8x8, 3CLogic amongst others.

Agent Workflow

Viewing the agent desktop

Recording the agent screen during the call and during post-call wrap up gives you insight into the agent's workflow, including how the agent is navigating desktop applications and entering data into those applications. Using this you can focus on completeness of data by agents to reduce errors, product returns, improve customer satisfaction and meet compliance regulations. You can also evaluate agent workflow when navigating applications to ensure the most efficient workflow is followed, lowering AHT and improving customer experience.

Data Driven Search

Associate meta data for easy searching and access

Our recording solutions can associate meta data from the ACD, your CRM application, other agent desktop applications and words spoken amongst other areas that is associated with calls. Easily use this data to search and find the calls you want to access in the case of dispute resolution, compliance or simply calls to evaluate and coach on.

PCI & HIPPA Compliant

Avoid the potential for costly fines

Retailers, financial institutions, even healthcare companies who take sensitive data over the telephone are subject to strict regulations about what can be stored in recordings and how it's stored. Our solutions allow you to adhere to strict regulations, such as the payment card security standards so you have the backup you need for dispute resolutions and remain compliant.


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Your recordings are encrypted

Whether you're using Envision's on-premise call recording solution or our secure cloud solution hosted on Microsoft Azure, you can rest assured that not only is authentication required to gain access, but data is encrypted during transit and at rest using 256-bit encryption.

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