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For more than 20 years, Envision has been providing award winning solutions that optimize customer experience by turning data from customer interactions into action, making an intelligent impact on your business that leads to exceptional customer experiences. We understand the opportunities and challenges contact centers face. Data from omnichannel interactions including phone, e-mail, web chat and social medial can help quickly identify patterns and trends, optimize operations and transform customer relationships.


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Record calls, agent screens, email, web chat and social interactions

Securely and reliably capture omnichannel interactions between your agents and customers. We record the agent's PC screens (up to 3 screens) during all omnichannel communicaiton, including phone calls, so you have access to the complete picture for evaluation and scorecards to improve performance and ensure compliance. We also help you be PCI complaint using multiple capabilities available in our solutions. For back office or other omnichannel interactions, we not only record the interaction but also important meta data not always available in these solutions, such as, AHT, application workflow, CRM meta data, etc.

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Auto Score 100% of Your Interactions

Find the interactions that matter

In addition to manual evalauation tools available in Click2Coach, the solution can auto score 100% of your interactions giving you insight into the interactions that need follow up whether that's with a customer to reduce churn, or a coaching opportunity for an agent. There are a wide array of methods we help to identify important trends and information within your captured customer interactions. Using key metrics such as hold time, silence, over-talk, sentiment among other key factors to weight the score of a call and get insights into 100% of your interactions.


Increase agent effectiveness and operational efficiency

Your customers are likely using self help systems like your IVR and web site for the easy inquiries. When customers talk to an agent, they expect a efficient and courteous experience. Optimize your agent effectiveness by ensuring you are analyzing where agents performance against KPIs are and take action, like coaching, to improve their performance. Then continue to measure whether the coaching and eLearning worked, and if so make sure other agents are getting that feedback to improve and optimize your customer experience.

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Make improvements using what you learn

Our solutions don't only give you insight into what is working and what needs improvement, we help you take action. Use Click2Coach to tackle problems in agent effectiveness by sending eLearning or coaching packages to agents or groups to improve performance. Measure performance post eLearning to ensure the agent is improving. Look for opportunity to improve product and service issues outside of the contact center by sharing information with marketing, IT or even executives on customer experience detractors. Expand on what's working and where you are seeing positive results with customers.

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