How We Help

Data from omnichannel interactions including phone, e-mail, web chat and social media interactions is extremely valuable in helping quickly identify patterns and trends in customer expectations and experience. But only if you have the tools to quickly analyze and take action. Our solutions do this and more to allow you to optimize operations, improve products and services, increase employee engagement and transform customer relationships.

Strategic Impact

Times have changed. Running a contact center is not just about recording what the customer is saying, but digging down and finding out what the customer is thinking.

What is the collective voice of the customer telling you about your business? How do they really feel? What communications are working? What communications are not working? How do we make them work better? There is a wealth of information to be gained from your contact center, and an abundance of strategic direction to be derived from that data. Envision delivers those type of insights, the information you need to get out in front of trends that will increase sales, decrease costs and prevent surprises.

Here are some examples of the types of data that can be captured and used to create a strategic impact on your organization:

  • Trending reports for why customers are calling, profitability by product or offering, cost of service by product or offering, profitability or cost by customer or customer segment, etc.
  • Full-circle Net Promoter Score
  • Lifecycle of an interaction
  • Summary reports for trending topics

Operational Impact

Obviously, positive customer interactions and great customer service are still the big reasons for any contact center to exist. Envision provides the tools necessary to maximize day-to-day effectiveness of agents, their schedules and many other facets of the customer experience.

From evaluations to cross-channel reporting to workforce management to coaching, a contact center needs to operate at its most efficient level and successfully carry its weight as a positive extension of the company’s brand. We can help with that.

Here are some examples of the types of data that can be captured—from front-office or back-office agents—and used to create an operational impact on your organization:

  • Interaction (e.g. call, email, chat, social media) summaries and detail reports
  • Reports can be sorted according to agent or group, as well as by call, or reason/outcome
  • Agent activity (e.g. which applications were opened and closed, specific URLs that were visited, data typed on the screen, etc.) before, during and after an interaction
  • Revenue by agent
  • Cost of service/cost per call type
  • Service to sales revenue

Transformational Impact

Transformation is a basic fact of life in the business world. Every businessperson knows if you don’t change, and if you don’t adapt, you become irrelevant. Envision collects every pertinent bit of data from a contact center’s strategic and operational world, converts it into very usable information from which to implement very real action. Examples are transforming policies, procedures, workflow, attitudes, or who knows, maybe even repurposing entire companies.

Here are some examples of the types of action that can make an immediate transformational impact to your organization:

  • On-demand, personalized training sent to agents at their desktops
  • Short video clips on the fly, or training clips that have already been created and delivered to agents
  • Evaluations of recorded customer interactions (including voice and screen) sent directly to agents, along with supervisor annotations and training as a complete coaching package
  • Examples of “great calls” sent to agents so they can use them as a guide
  • Motivational recognition and team or individual incentives delivered to agents’ desktops

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