Compliance recording is critical, not only for organizations regulated by federal mandate to do so, but also for any business that wants to reduce risk, disputes and protect their interests.

Strategies for Compliance

Compliance generally requires recording all of your customer phone interactions and storing them for a period of up to 7+ years. Envision's Click2Coach Cloud offers low cost, secure and encrypted long term storage or you may choose to store recordings in your own data center on your own SAN or other storage device. 

Here are some strategies to consider for compliance:

  • Record 100% of your customer interactions
  • Identify and store your recorded interactions for your industry regulated period of time
  • Tag recorded interactions for easy searching in the case of a dispute or inquiry

Capture and Tag

Record and tag all interactions

Use Envision's interaction recording products to record 100% of your phone calls. You may also consider doing the same for emails, web chats and even social interactions. All compliance recordings should be tagged with data that you can search on in the future. In some cases tags will be taken from IVR or ACD meta data, in other cases it will be from the CRM and agent desktop applications. Using this recorded and tagged set of interactions, you'll be in position to produce recordings for compliance or dispute resolution easily using Envision's products.

Find Interactions

Easy search and retrieval

Using our simple easy-to-use interface you are able to quickly locate important interaction recordings based on date and time, agent, customer information, custom tagged fields associated with your CRM tool, etc. What good is a 100% recording solution if you cannot find the calls you need when you need them? Envision's solutions make search and retrieval fast and easy.

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On-Premise and Cloud Enabled

From 3 to 1000+ agents, use Click2Coach to securely record, evaluate and create coachable moments for agents.

With Click2Coach, you have the very best workforce optimization solution available on-premise in your own data center, or in our secure Click2Coach Cloud hosted in Microsoft Azure. We also offer the path to start on-premise and migrate to the cloud later, which gives you the flexibility and assurance that your data will follow once ready. Flexibility, security and best in class features and performance is our customer promise.