Improve promise to pay rates, record payment authorizations for backup and compliance, reduce disputes and coach agents using best practices to improve conversion rates. These are only a few of the areas that collection organizations see 6%+ increases in revenue while reducing employee turnover and increasing efficiency.

Strategies for Collections

Here are some strategies to consider for collection contact centers:

  • Record 100% of your customer interactions for compliance
  • Tag recorded interactions for easy searching and retrieval in the case of a dispute or inquiry
  • Cross train agents by using calls from those that are exceptional at converting with those that need further coaching to increase conversions
  • Reduce consumer complaints and disputes by playing recorded calls to consumers
  • Proactively evaluate your agents to ensure they are following standards and guidelines in calls
  • Have an opt out should your collections contact information be inaccurate (e.g., wrong phone number or no longer at the address)
  • Understand and adhere to current TCPA rules and regulations

Read on below to learn more specific areas our products can help with collections.

Quality Control

Adherence to guidelines

Ensuring agents are following guidelines for collections, including appropriate techniques that are legal and effective in converting, completeness of disclosures and information gathered for payment are important areas Envision solutions help with. Using Envision's quality monitoring solution you're able to set a standard for agents to meet and measure their actual calls with customers against this, then use this objective information to improve productivity and effectiveness.

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Capture and Tag

Record and tag all interactions

Use Envision's interaction recording to record 100% of your phone calls. All recordings should be tagged with data that you can search on in the future. In some cases tags will be taken from IVR or ACD meta data, in other cases it will be from the CRM and agent desktop applications. Using this recorded and tagged set of interactions, you'll be in position to produce recordings for compliance or dispute resolution easily using Envision's products.

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Coaching + Gamification = Win

Motivate and engage agents

After understanding what agents with high conversion rates are doing, use Click2Coach to develop coaching packages and eLearning to coach the rest of the team on those methods. Take it a step further and use gamification to create a game with a goal for agents to meet which is obtainable yet challenging, and watch your conversion rates increase more than 10%. Keeping a steady stream of positive feedback to agents will keep them engaged, as well as, more effective in driving revenue for your collections center.

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On-Premise and Cloud Enabled

From 3 to 1000+ agents, use Click2Coach to securely record, evaluate and create coachable moments for agents.

With Click2Coach, you have the very best workforce optimization solution available on-premise in your own data center, or in our secure Click2Coach Cloud hosted in Microsoft Azure. We also offer the path to start on-premise and migrate to the cloud later, which gives you the flexibility and assurance that your data will follow once ready. Flexibility, security and best in class features and performance is our customer promise.