Back Office

Customer experience is often won or lost in the back office. Schedule, forecast and perform quality monitoring on your back office operations and watch data accuracy, efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction sore.

Strategies for Back Office

Here are some strategies to consider when implementing back office:

  • View agent workflow and screens live whether they're in your contact center or working at home
  • Record 100% of your back office work by recording discreet workflow and screens, e.g., claims processing
  • Tag recorded interactions for easy searching and retrieval in the case of a dispute or inquiry
  • Evaluate back office transactions as you would front line agent conversations
  • Using Envision Quality Monitoring, establish KPIs for workflow, AHT and accuracy and measure back office work to these standards
  • Cross train back office personnel by using actual screen recording examples from those that are exceptional at converting with those that need further coaching to increase conversions
  • Proactively evaluate your agents to ensure they are following standards and guidelines
  • Tie back office screen recordings to front line agent conversations or omni channel interactions to get a 360 degree view of the customer experience

Live View

View back office agents live

By using Envision Live View you're able to look at an agent's screen live to help give visibility into agent workflow. From this you can identify coaching opportunities, the applications and web URLs agents are using, and idenitfy ways to improve efficiency and handle time. Do this with back office agents who are working at home or on premise.

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Forecasting and Scheduling

Accurately forecast to your back office volume

Understanding the resources and skills needed to handle back office transactions is critical to ensuring you have the right number of people in place. Using Envision Workforce Management, you're able to measure activity in the back office just as you would agents on the front lines, and schedule resource appropriately for the expected work volume. 

On-Premise and Cloud Enabled

From 3 to 1000+ agents, use Click2Coach to securely record, evaluate and create coachable moments for agents.

With Click2Coach, you have the very best workforce optimization solution available on-premise in your own data center, or in our secure Click2Coach Cloud hosted in Microsoft Azure. We also offer the path to start on-premise and migrate to the cloud later, which gives you the flexibility and assurance that your data will follow once ready. Flexibility, security and best in class features and performance is our customer promise.

Capture and Tag

Record and tag all interactions

Use Envision's interaction recording you can record 100% of your back office transactions and tag those with data from applications used in the back office. Using Envision's products, you're able to record back office agent screens either on a scheduled basis or with discreet start and stop events. Once recorded, you can automatically score those back office transactions to see where appropriate workflow wasn't followed, data entry completed, etc. Envision Analytics can further be used to identify trending in claims processing handle time, Envision Quality Monitoring to evaluate back office work against KPIs you setup, and provide feedback to back office agents to coach and motivate.

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