Support Update

We are implementing changes at Envision to better serve our customers with a focus on improving the level of service you receive from us. Some customers may already have seen some of these changes, largely focused around changes to our case handling process, and we wanted to give you some more information about what is happening.  These changes should allow us to better handle your cases and provide a quicker resolution.

Here is a summary of the changes.

Case Communication:

Each time a comment in added to your case, you will receive an e-mail with the contents of that comment and a link to login to the Envision support portal. To respond, you can either login to the support portal, access the case, and add a comment or you can respond to the e-mail your receive. In both cases when you update a case, the Envision support owner will be notified so we are aware you have responded.
In most cases, when we close the case you will receive an e-mail letting you know the case has been closed. If you would prefer the case remain open you can go to the case in the support portal and add a comment or you can reply to the case close message to re-open the case. Soon we will ask on occasion for your feedback related to a case so we can continue to improve our service to you.

Case Notifications:

We have put a process in place to remind you when we are waiting for information from you. We know you are very busy and the case you submitted might not always be top of mind, so these reminders will help keep the case from aging without progress. The reminder will come after 4 days of no case activity after we have requested information. Once again, you can reply to the reminder to move the case into an active status or login and update the case from the portal with the information requested. 
If we do not receive information from you after 8 days we will assume this is no longer an issue and close the case. You will get an e-mail notification when this happens and you can follow the same steps to update the case and re-open it.

We encourage you to utilize the portal and update the case from there whenever possible as this is the most direct way to update your case and the fastest way for us to receive that update.   We look forward to continuing to improve your experience with Envision. Our success is dependent on our customer’s success and we are here to serve you.


A New Support portal is coming soon!

In our continuing effort to bring you the highest level of support possible, we will be rolling out a new customer support portal soon.  The portal will include many enhancements to make it easier for you to interact with the support team.   
Some of the highlights will be, add additional members of your company to ticket communication, edit your contact information online, easily add screen capture and attachments to tickets and finally a new and improved Knowledge Base for your use.
We will be communicating more details in the coming weeks, as part of this transition you will receive a new login when the portal goes live.  Expect addition information in September.