Utilities & Energy

Utilities are continuously scrutinized to ensure a high level of safety, customer service and efficiency. Call recording can reduce liability, ensure compliance, and provide an opportunity for continuous agent coaching and improvement that will lead to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Workforce Optimization for Financial Services

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Keep customers satisfied by recording interactions, evaluating and coaching to improve service levels

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  • Regulatory Compliance

    Record important interactions for compliance and to help with dispute resolution

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  • Security

    Customer interactions are stored in the secure cloud or on premise within your data center

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  • Collections

    Increase collection rates and promise to pay rates

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Our customers see results:

28% increase in sales | 46% time savings | 23% improvement in quality scores

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to supporting utility and energy customers, your agents are often communicating in high emotion and often urgent situations from gas leaks to power outages. The way your agents handle these interactions can not only determine your customer satisfaction ratings, which have a direct impact on future rates, but can also mean the difference in saving lives in dangerous situations. Customers expect accurate information from effective, helpful and courteous agents. By recording all customer interactions, Click2Coach helps you prepare your agents through ongoing interaction analytics, evaluation and coaching to ensure they're prepared for the call.


Recording 100% of your customer interactions is a regulatory requirement for most utilities. Using Click2Coach to record these interactions, you can quickly lookup recorded conversations by account number or customer id and play them back. This allows you to pull important information and take action when necessary to improve customer satisfaction and respond to dangerous situations, meeting regulatory compliance.


Privacy and security of personal information is mandated from the public. You can rest assured that with Click2Coach, whether stored within your data center on-premise or in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud, your data is safely encryted during transit and at rest. Only authorized users with appropriate secure credentials can access recorded data, so you can focus on improving your customer experience, quality and agent effectiveness without worrying about security.


Improving collections and promise to pay rates is top of mind for many organizations. Using Click2Coach, you'll have recorded approval when getting verbal authorization for payment with credit cards or bank payments. You'll also be able to capture the recording while meeting PCI compliance requirements. Furthermore, you'll have all the tools necessary to use those recorded interactions to coach and train agents improve collections in the future and share best practices across groups or even contact center sites.

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On-Premise and Cloud Enabled

From 3 to 1000+ agents, use Click2Coach to securely record, evaluate and create coachable moments for agents.

With Click2Coach, you have the very best workforce optimization solution available on-premise in your own data center, or in our secure Click2Coach Cloud hosted in Microsoft Azure. We also offer the path to start on-premise and migrate to the cloud later, which gives you the flexibility and assurance that your data will follow once ready. Flexibility, security and best in class features and performance is our customer promise.

Envision has been transforming contact centers for over 20 years.

Our Click2Coach solution allows you to capture interactions through call recording, web chat, email and social media. See the interaction from your customer’s point of view, as well as, the agent’s. Find calls simply using Click2Coach’s simple web interface and take action.

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