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Envision Announces Click2Coach 12.1 with Speech Analytics Driven Coaching Capabilities


Seattle, Washington - Envision with more than 20 years of innovation and experience in the contact center market, announces it has added significant speech analytics capabilities to the most recent release of their award winning Click2Coach® solution.

“Click2Coach 12.1 now gives contact centers a unique way to use speech analytics and data driven techniques to consistently improve customer experience and agent performance,” said Rodney Kuhn, Envision CEO. “Until now, many speech analytics solutions have required dedicated staff in order to leverage this powerful technology to see results. Instead, we have made speech analytics a capability within our solution that supervisors, coaches and trainers within the contact center can leverage and it does not require a speech subject matter expert on staff.”

The new release is available in the cloud or on premise. This flexibility allows contact centers to choose their deployment method and, with the cloud, this powerful solution can be deployed in days rather than months and without the expense of a significant hardware footprint. This also allows contact centers to subscribe to speech analytics in a true SaaS model so that they can scale up and down with different groups or projects as needed.

Envision provides solutions that help turn data from customer interactions into action. Gain insight using data driven techniques to make strategic and operational impacts to your business and create exceptional customer experiences. Data from interactions on the phone, e-mail and chat help to quickly identify patterns and trends to transform customer relationships.

Envision delivers Workforce Optimization solutions including data driven Quality Monitoring to optimize the contact center workforce with our integrated, true cloud solution which includes voice and screen agent recording, coaching and eLearning, performance management, desktop and speech analytics, compliance recording, quality management and workforce management.

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For more than 20 years, Envision has been providing award winning solutions that optimize customer experience by turning data from customer interactions into action, making an intelligent impact on your business that leads to exceptional customer experiences. Data from phone, e-mail, web chat and social media interactions can help quickly identify patterns and trends, optimize operations and transform customer relationships. Envision delivers innovative software solutions, in the cloud or on premise, to optimize your workforce. With our integrated line of Click2Coach products, customers get voice of the customer analysis, automated scorecards, performance management, desktop analytics, speech analytics, interaction and compliance recording, quality management, workforce management and coaching and eLearning. Better, Faster, Smarter.

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