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A Place for Mom partners with Envision to improve customer experiences in support of families searching for senior care


Envision, the leading provider of workforce optimization and contact center coaching solutions, announced today that A Place for Mom (“APFM”), the nation’s largest senior living referral service, selected Envision and Click2Coach Cloud to support their core mission of helping families find housing for their parents or loved ones.  

“Our Senior Resource Coordinators, many of whom work-from-home, connect families to our network of over 600 local Advisors in support of families seeking the right senior care options for their parent or loved one,” says Gavin Woody, VP Operations at A Place for Mom. “With Envision’s Click2Coach, my Quality Assurance team now has one place where they can search for a specific call type, listen to a call, watch a recording of an agent screen, score the interaction, and deliver a coaching package directly to the agent. Furthermore, we can run analytics on trends directly from Click2Coach. Compared to our current tools, we’ve seen a 20% increase efficiency and effectiveness.  We began with a pilot of 25% of our users on Click2Coach Cloud and quickly learned that the solution would benefit all of our agents.  Thus, we expanded the solution to all of them.”

Click2Coach is a patented, award winning recording, evaluation, coaching, speech and desktop analytics application that enables contact centers to capture phone, CTI, application workflow and desktop data. The software transforms customer experiences into long-lasting, profitable relationships by collecting the right data from customer interactions to provide insight into operations and trends. This enables businesses to take action for improvement throughout the organization. Also, with Click2Coach’s integration with the Five9 contact center platform, calls can be identified by category and campaign increasing productivity and targeted analytics.

“A Place for Mom provides a service at a time when families need compassion and support. Partnering with A Place for Mom supports our goal of providing coaching solutions that help deliver great service in a very sensitive environment”, says Envision CEO Rodney Kuhn. “In addition, A Place for Mom has a well thought out IT platform based on SaaS and Cloud based solutions. Their choice of Click2Coach Cloud not only allows them to deploy and expand without capital expenditures, they now have access to automatic upgrades in features and functionality as we release them on the Click2Coach Cloud platform.”

About A Place for Mom
APFM is the nation's largest senior living referral service. Each year through the support of their local Senior Living Advisor network A Place for Mom helps over 300,000 families find a good senior living solution for their family.  The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

About Envision
For more than 20 years, Envision has been providing award winning solutions that optimize customer experience by turning data from customer interactions into action, making an intelligent impact on your business that leads to exceptional customer experiences. Data from phone, e-mail, web chat and social media interactions can help quickly identify patterns and trends, optimize operations and transform customer relationships. Envision delivers innovative software solutions, in the cloud or on premise, to optimize your workforce. With our patented, integrated line of Click2Coach products, customers get voice of the customer analysis, automated scorecards, performance management, desktop analytics, speech analytics, interaction and compliance recording, quality management, workforce management and coaching and eLearning. Better, Faster, Smarter.

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