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Country: Canada

A leading Canadian hotel management company, Delta Hotels and Resorts operates and franchises a diversified portfolio with 40 full-service, city centre and airport hotels and resorts under the Delta brand. Widely regarded as Canada's "brand of choice" by guests and owners, Delta also distinguishes itself as an exemplary employer. It is the only hotel company to have been recognized for its sustained focus on business excellence by the prestigious Excellence Canada with three Canada Awards for Excellence, including the award program's highest honor, the 2007 Order of Excellence. 

“Click2Coach has not only helped to decrease our training time by three days, but enables our recent hires to go from sounding and feeling like “new agents” to sounding and feeling more like experienced agents much faster. We saw quality assurance scores the end of the first month improve by 20 percent.” Perry Kendall, Director, Global Reservation Services

  • Reduced new agent training time from 10 days to 7 days
  • Improved quality scores by 20 percent
  • Increased agent productivity by 9 percent
  • Improved call conversion rates by 10 percent
  • Decreased first-month agent attrition by 40 percent

As with any higher-end hotel company, everyone at Delta Hotels is fully focused on the guest experience.  While hotel personnel provide the face-to-face interaction, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Delta Hotel and Resorts’ Global Reservation Services (GRS), make sure that this positive experience starts before the guests ever walk through the door.

GRS is the hub of customer care, staffed by 130 personnel who help guests make reservations through voice, web or travel agent networks; provide customer care, facilitate the brand’s membership program, technical support to both hotel staff and guests, and also provide database management and reporting.

Originally, Delta Hotel’s GRS team leaders coached their agents blindly, using a tool that enabled them to listen in, but not view the information on the agents’ screens. These leaders couldn’t see if the agent had problems navigating to the correct screen, or even if he or she was quoting the correct rate or articulating the correct marketing messages.

Knowing they needed a change, GRS leaders searched the market and discovered one solution that really stood out: Envision Click2Coach.

“For many guests, we are the first point-of-contact – the first impression they get of our company – whether that contact is by phone, email or, to an extent, social media,” explained Perry Kendall, director of Delta Hotels and Resorts’ Global Reservations Services. “We chose Envision’s Click2Coach, because it was the only product that really focused on coaching, with the reporting functions we needed to measure quality and make good use of our customer data.”

More Effective Coaching. Higher Call Conversion Rates.
With Click2Coach, team leaders can both listen in and see how the agent navigates the screens, so they can make sure that each agent is quoting rates correctly and using message prompts to inform callers of pool closings or special offers.

“With Envision, our team leaders can evaluate the call, and send the exact portion of the recording they want the agent to hear directly to that employee’s desktop,” Kendall said. “We can coach more completely, identify missed sales opportunities and provide more valuable feedback on the spot.”

Kendall’s team also uses Click2Coach to take a portion of calls that were handled well, and share these with other agents. In doing so, they’ve built a best practices library that has continually improved agent development. The numbers tell the story.

Since implementing Click2Coach, Delta Hotels and Resorts GRS has increased call conversion rates by 10 percent, representing millions of dollars in revenue, and has improved overall quality scores by 20 percent.

Faster New Hire Training. Greater Productivity and Lower Attrition.
Getting new hires up-to-speed and feeling confident is critical. According to Kendall, Envision Click2Coach recordings have enabled Delta Hotels and Resorts GRS agents to go from sounding and feeling like new agents to sounding and feeling like seasoned agents more quickly.

“The recordings are used daily after training to build confidence and prevent agents from developing bad habits early. Team leaders, as well as agents, can easily record additional or complex calls on demand. This is a great feature for training and for agents to document what may be a larger issue,” Kendall said.

Since using Click2Coach, the Delta team has reduced classroom training time from 10 days to 7 days, while improving quality scores by 20 percent. Translation: agents learn more because team leaders have a tool that enables them to coach more effectively.

“It’s interesting to note that we’ve seen a 40 percent decrease in agent attrition since we started using Click2Coach – particularly with our new hires,” Kendall said. “Although I can’t give Envision all of the credit, I know it has enabled us to grow agent confidence early, and make them feel like they’re contributing to the organization – all of which is essential to retention. “

Streamlined Workforce Management. Empowered Employees.
In 2011, the GRS group migrated from its old solution to Envision’s Workforce Management, with great success. This solution gives agents the flexibility to request vacation time, days off or apply to work specific shifts in this 24-hour operation.

“We plan on using more product functionality in the future,” Kendall said. “For example, we’ll use mobile agent communication to interact with our team in their preferred methods. We’ll also explore tying performance into the shift bidding process, so our highest performing agents get the first opportunity to work optimal shift times, when these become available.

Analytics and Reporting. Understanding the Voice of the Customer.
With all the calls and emails coming in, and eventually, the integration of chat and social media, GRS has a treasure trove of information. With Envision Click2Coach, Delta Hotels and Resorts GRS management will have the tools they need to fully connect with their customers, and fully understand their needs and relationship with the brand. Leaders can generate trending reports as to why customers are calling, which products are generating the greatest response, as well as quickly identifying areas of concern.

“Today, we have many of the tools in place to gain insight into what our customers are saying and thinking. We’re working with Envision to enhance these capabilities, so we have the functionality to use this valuable data to adapt to changing customer needs,” Kendall said.

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