The right staff in the right place at the right time equals the right stuff.

  • Front Line Effectiveness
  • Back-office Effectiveness
  • Agent Adherence
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Desktop Analytics
  • Trend Analysis

Today‘s contact center is no longer defined by the physical limitations of your average contact center from the past. You are now able to have total control over all your agents, whether they’re at their desk, in the back-office or at home. Envision makes your life infinitely easier by optimizing all elements of contact center operations near and far:

  • Immediately tell how many agents are on the phone and how many aren’t.
  • Track agents and monitor exactly what they’re doing, whether at home or at the contact center.
  • Examine the agent’s desktop—how many email responses did it take to solve a problem, how long did it take and how did they research the problem. Then you can determine what action to take to speed up or improve process and workflow.
  • Watch trends develop and use those trends to figure out the average number of agents needed during a certain time of day/year/sales cycle, etc.

RESULT: Take firm control of your contact center.

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