Use your voice of the customer data to improve agent effectiveness immediately.

  • Net Performance Score
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Real-Time Coaching
  • 53+ Standard Reports
  • Enhanced Search
  • Flexible Evaluations

Your contact center agents are living, breathing extensions of your business. They can further good feelings already established, foster bad ones or shoot a perfectly-built brand completely out of the water. So the question is…are your agents as effective and efficient as they can possibly be? And are they using every interaction to help transform your customers into loyal, raving fans?

Enter the Envision Click2Coach evaluation and training tool. 

Click2Coach is an award-winning software program that allows targeted, customized coaching of agents at exactly the time and place it will do the most good—when they’re at work.

  • Net Performance Score is the result of multidimensional analytics that summarizes the quality monitoring score, agent adherence, back-office activity, speech analytics and customer survey results into one performance score that can be used for improving agent effectiveness in all areas.
  • Next generation user interface provides users with a clean, easy-to-use style that models a distinctive Web-based look and feel and experience to more efficiently perform day-to-day activities.
  • Improved workflow and performance provides quick access to all functionality, fully utilizes the desktop space and plays back recordings within seconds, all of which allows supervisors to complete evaluations and coaching with greater ease and speed.
  • Flexible search gives users a freeform search field to quickly and precisely find the interaction recordings that matter most, as well as provides several options to filter interactions by agent, date, duration, inbound/outbound, evaluated/not evaluated, etc.
  • 53+ standard reports gives supervisors and managers the ability to quickly and easily view data collected from customer interactions and agent evaluations in many different formats so they can take action to make immediate improvements.
  • Customized coaching packages include recordings of evaluated customer interactions and additional training can be automatically sent to agents for coaching. Content can include brief videos that you quickly author on the fly, a link to a Web page or other document in your training library or even an example of a great “best practices” interaction.

RESULT: You’ll transform every interaction into lasting customer relationships by improving agent effectiveness.

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