These days, everyone in the contact center industry is talking about how customer analytics are the most important thing to use to enhance the customer experience. But what customer analytics should you focus on?

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Now that you’ve gathered a wealth of voice of the customer data, what’s next? In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to just gather customer intelligence; you have to put it to work. Below are four ways businesses can utilize voice of the customer data to improve their overall business operations:

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Spring is here and that means it’s a great time to clear the cobwebs away from your customer service strategy and usher in some fresh habits to start the new season. After all, recent research from McKinsey indicates that 70 percent of purchasing experiences are based on how a customer feels they are being treated.

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Workforce optimization has gained a reputation for being a complicated, time consuming and expensive process. But now, things have changed and contact center managers have the ability to rewrite the rules and turn the contact center into a revenue-driving force.

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Being able to improve customer experiences and the support your team offers shouldn’t be a benefit only the largest companies can provide. Being able to capture customer interaction data, analyze an agent’s workflow and see real-time trends all leads to improved customer interactions and better business.

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One of the most basic concepts in all of business is that to be successful, your product or service has to give people what they want. But like many ideas or strategies, the fact that it’s easy to explain doesn’t mean it’s simple to execute. Obviously, the best way to find out what your customers want is to ask, and that typically means conducting a survey in one form or another. But conducting these inquiries requires investing resources, meaning you’ll want to make a concerted effort to maximize the information you gather. With that in mind, here are three tips for getting the most out of your customer surveys.

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Once you’ve decided that your business is in need of a contact center solution, the next step is choosing the right provider, which is often easier said than done. With a bevy of providers to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

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Desktop analytics provide a complete picture of what’s occurring in the contact center –before, during, and after customer interactions. The data flooding in from an agent’s desktop is an invaluable tool for improving performance, process, and efficiency in the contact center, ultimately improving the customer experience. The top three benefits of desktop analytics are as follows:
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Much like the virtuoso musician who never stops practicing, even your most talented contact center agents can improve upon their performance. And now thanks to an innovative, cloud-based solution engineered by Envision, coaching and training your agents to help further develop skills, improve techniques and increase sales has never been easier.
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Today’s contact center is at the forefront of customer service, satisfaction, and retention. In many ways, it is the hub of the organization, making it a particularly challenging place to work and manage effectively. However, contact center challenges, while varied, are not insurmountable. Having the right tools on hand, such as voice of the customer data, can help the contact center stay organized and productive, meet customer expectations, and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

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